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Nuest was started in 2016 with an aim to provide services and solutions at the intersection of organization development and HR Technology. We have worked with HR Technology solution providers and buyers on variety of business challenges including product roadmap, marketing activities and selection and implementation of technology solutions.

We aim to create original research and insights with an aim to be a partner of choice for businesses in their journey becoming a digital enterprise.

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HR Tech News – March 2019

The month of March has reported more than a double number of deals than Jan and Feb. This month is now the highest of Q-1-2019 with an estimated USD 467 Million invested in various HR Tech ventures. If we exclude the USD 11 billion deal...

HR Tech News Analysis – February 2019

When I closed the January 2019 HR Tech news analysis, I predicted that 2019 will cross the USD 6 billion mark . We have the mother of all deals in this month which is almost double that number. The future for HR Technology just got...

What Dating Apps Can Teach US About HR Tech Buying

We have been dating and selecting our partners for much longer than we have been selecting technology tools. In this blog post, we look at lessons learned from our dating experiences and apply to HR technology selection. Hope you enjoy the same. Problems of Plenty It...

AltifyHR 2019 – Review

The Change This year’s Altify HR was a different event for me personally, as I was attending the event not as an independent HR Technology analyst, but as part of Peoplestrong team. It was my first day at work with People strong, having accepted to lead...

HR Tech News Analysis – January 2019

HR Tech News Analysis – January 2019 Compared to January 2018, the first month of 2019 indicates 4 times higher investment in HR Tech companies. Considering USD 180 Million in investments, 2019 looks to continue the trends of fresh investments, innovative products, partnerships, and acquisitions. Read...

India HR Tech Market Map 2019

India HR Tech Market Map 2019

India HR Tech Market Map 2019 We looked at 180+ HR Tech companies which are either HQ in India or have originated from India. This data gave us some interesting stories. Some of these stories are shared here. Hope you like them. If you need the...

HR Tech News Analysis - November 2018

HR Tech – November 2018 – News  Analysis

HR Tech – November 2018 – News  Analysis The month of November has recharged the HR Tech space yet again, with an estimated USD 1.5 Billion dollars exchanging hands in various deals. Acquisitions, partnerships and heavy duty funding rounds continue to keep this space active. Read...