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Nuest was started in 2016 with an aim to provide services and solutions at the intersection of organization development and HR Technology. We have worked with HR Technology solution providers and buyers on variety of business challenges including product roadmap, marketing activities and selection and implementation of technology solutions.

We aim to create original research and insights with an aim to be a partner of choice for businesses in their journey becoming a digital enterprise.

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Our consulting services focus on you while creating sustainable solutions via capacity building in your own people and processes.
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Organization Development

Our organization development consulting focuses on your business and its challenges. We tend to take a systems view of things and work with you to help identify the various moving parts which are creating the dissonance in a particular area of work. We believe everything is connected to everything.


We lay great emphasis on collecting and analysing relevant data from your internal processes, systems and human interactions. We believe in identifying and involving all stakeholders in the process of discovery and creation.


OD services | Get in touch with us

  1. For defining and redesigning organization structure
  2. Leadership development
  3. Solving a particular organizational challenge about growth, sustainability, quality and service
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Focusing on organization re-design, Process re-engineering and Talent development interventions while improving adoption of existing technology tools, this manufacturing unit improved revenue, profitability and employee motivation.

Fuelling Growth

A case study for Mid Sized Manufacturing Company.

Improving Profitability and Employee Motivation

Focusing on people capability, building capacity for dialogue and co-creating solutions, this start-up empowered its staff to enable national expansion

National Expansion

A case study for Preparing for National Expansion

Shifting From Start-up Mode

Redesigning HR processes, focusing on building HR capability and augmenting the same with new age technology platform, this company has truly transformed its HR function and is on its way to build data-driven HR practices

HR Technology

A case study for Efficiency and Transparency

Legacy to New Age Technology Transformation


HR Technology

Our HR Technology related consulting offering focuses on various aspects of technology and its interactions within your organization. We believe that HR technology is a specialized application working within the larger organizational process and technology environment and it deserves special attention due to its omnipresent nature.


While working with you to help you select or implement or build relevant HR Technology solutions we focus on the purpose and the end user. We use principles of design thinking in our approach to ensure we focus on solving real problems while acknowledging the perceived ones.


HR Tech Services | Get in touch with us:

  1. For recommendations on right HR Tech tools
  2. Building your own HR Tech
  3. Helping you define, select and implement right HR Tech
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